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Dunsmuir, CA
United States

Wayne Eng, Fly Fishing Guide and Cabin Rental Host


Guide Services

Learn about Wayne's approach to guiding and teaching fly fishing.  Book a trip with Wayne Eng.

Wayne Eng is a competent, patient, and resourceful fly fishing instructor and guide.  Clients frequently say that a day spent with Wayne can save a month on the fly fishing learning curve.

"I enjoy working with people of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

I have made working with beginners a specialty.  If you've been hesitant to work with a guide because you feel your skills might not meet the guide's expectations, you can set those concerns aside. I am like a pair of old, comfortable sneakers:  relaxed and easy to work with. My clients feel comfortable regardless of their abilities at the beginning of the day. And, they develop abilities beyond their expectations in the course of the day.

Like other guides, I will show you carefully selected spots and the most effective techniques on the wonderful trout waters of the Upper Sacramento River (my home water), and the McCloud River.

But, I can also teach techniques and approaches that will help you be more purposeful and clear in your approach to fishing the river, regardless of your current skill level.

I believe my job is to help people catch fish by design, not by accident.   I call this approach "streamsmithing".  To me, it means properly reading the water and understanding where the fish must be, then crafting a presentation that will induce them to take the fly.

If you're completely satisfied with your skills and only want a guide to point to spots on the river and tie on the right fly, many of my colleagues can help you.  But if, regardless of your current skill level, you want to get better at the art and craft of fly fishing, let's work together."

-- Wayne Eng

Skills Wayne teaches include:

  • proper rigging for conditions

  • reading the water to know where to find fish and how to present a fly to them

  • playing and landing large trout in all types of moving water

  • proper fish handling allowing you to release your catch safely

Read more about Wayne's approach and philosophy of flyfishing below, if you wish.

Guiding Rates*:

  • Full Day guide trip, Upper Sacramento or McCloud rivers. ~8 hours.  Includes lunch.
    • single person ... $350
    • two persons ... $400
  • 1/2-day guide trip, Upper Sacramento or McCloud rivers. ~4 hours. Includes snacks.
    • single person ... $275
    • two persons ... $300
  • 3-hour "CREEK PEEK" Upper Sacramento … a quick and inexpensive way to:
    • develop skills
      • learn some of the most successful river flyfishing techniques
      • or to work on specific, targeted skills
    • or learn some access points
    • $225 (single person)

*Rates subject to change. Check with Wayne for current rate when booking.

Booking info:

Advance bookings recommended.

Reach Wayne via e-mail

Call Wayne Eng or Myrna Dupzyk at (530) 235-4018.

Mail deposits* to Wayne Eng at 5356 River Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Deposit is non-refundable if date canceled with less than 21 days notice

Wayne's Views on Flyfishing

All guides bring a point of view and philosophy to their jobs, whether they realize it or not. Wayne's point of view on flyfishing has evolved from an observant and contemplative temperament, an interesting and eclectic set of Northern California life experiences, a true love of nature and fish, and a lot of time on the river.

Wayne sums up his approach to flyfishing moving water with the term "streamsmithing", which means properly reading the water to understand where the fish must be, and what and how to present to them to induce a take. The result is that you catch fish by intent, not by dumb luck. Obviously, your catch rate goes up dramatically. This is clear to anyone who has fished a section of stream with Wayne when he is not guiding, and seen him take fish after fish while they fail to induce a strike. Wayne is modest about this ability, but clear as to what knowledge and variables make it possible.

"Reading" the water means understanding the movement of the water through the river, at different speeds and around and over obstacles, interpreting the hydrodynamics which affect where the fish will take food, and what the presentation challenges will be. Are the fish looking up or down? Will we use dries or nymphs, and if nymphs, how deep in the water column? Wayne excels at these skills, and teaches them well.

Even experienced flyfishers can become stuck deciding whether to change tactics or location. Wayne will help identify the conditions that dictate the need for change.

Finally, for Wayne, flyfishing is not just work: it is also fun and spiritual. The "Zen" of flyfishing is that the flyfisher is put intensely into the moment, using all their senses and skills to be effective. The future rolls at us from upriver, presenting new challenges, but the spot we occupy on the river is firmly planted in the here-and-now. Wayne hopes we don't lose sight of the enjoyment and magic of flyfishing, even as we boost our skills to new levels.

Spend a day or more with Wayne. You'll see the river and the sport of flyfishing in a new way!